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​Resin stamp making kit

A kit for making resin stamps using sunlight.

​Take advantage of the summer sunshine to make your own stamps

​What's in the kit

□ Negative film

(I will make it from the data I received in advance)

□Resin board

□ Black plate

□Transparent plate

□ Toothbrush



​Things to prepare in advance

□Rubber band

□ Kitchen paper

□ Container for washing the resin plate

□ Dryer

​Double-sided tape (cushioning)


​How to make a resin stamp

​① Adhere resin plate and negative

Peel off the protective sheet of the resin plate,

put it on the black plate

​Place the negative on the resin plate,

Sandwich with a transparent plate and secure with a rubber band

​② Exposure

​Exposure to direct sunlight for about 30 minutes

​③ Washing out

​ Wash off the resin with water and a brush

​④ Drying

​Dry with a dryer

​⑤ Post-exposure

​Exposure to direct sunlight for about 10 minutes

​⑥ Attach to rootstock

​Apply double-sided tape to the back of the plate and cut the resin plate



​Resin stamp kit

2,700 yen(excluding tax) * Shipping fee is 500 yen nationwide


Resin plate (7 x 14 cm), negative film, rootstock (3 cm/1.5 cm/1 cm), plate (black/transparent), toothbrush

​purchase flow

​①Purchase from SHOP
​②The person in charge will send you an email with instructions on how to submit the manuscript.

​Download the frame here and draw an illustration

​ (example)

スクリーンショット 2021-07-28 12.52.40.png

​Be sure to draw in black and make sure the line does not hit the frame

If it is a hand-drawn manuscript, please scan it dark and attach it to an e-mail​ or send it by mail without folding.

​③Please submit your illustration by email or mail
​④The kit will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
スクリーンショット 2021-07-30 0.12.25.png
​One in the world
the stamp
Let's make it!
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