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​How to submit

​Service flow
​plate making
​How to submit

After creating the data (handwriting is acceptable), please fill in (1) to (5) in the email and submit it.

(1) Name
(2) Plate type (In the case of a metal plate, enter the thickness of 1 mm or 1.5 mm)
(3) Size of submitted data (〇cm×〇cm)
(4) For data containing register marks
Please fill in whether the product will be delivered with the dragonfly left or whether it will be delivered after being cut to fit the dragonfly.
(5) Pick up (visit the company or request delivery)

(6) If you wish to have it delivered, please provide ① postal code ② address ③ name ④ telephone number of the destination
(7) Is it OK to cut the metal plate at the very limit of the illustration?

Please send your submissions to this email address

​For hand-drawn manuscripts

Please scan and send the data, or copy the manuscript and mail it.
(Additional scanning fee will be charged)

[Mailing address] 〒101-0054
1-13-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

​Notes on submission

​The color is black!

​The manuscript must be black (K100)
please make
​The black part will be convex

​No need to flip left or right

スクリーンショット 2020-10-10 18.11.38.png

​The submitted data is
It will be the print image as it is
​ characters also don't need to be reversed

Line thickness should be 0.5pt or more​

スクリーンショット 2021-06-06 22.29.36.png

​Line thickness is 0.5pt or more for resin plates
​A zinc plate of 0.12 mm or more is recommended
(​ thin lines will be missing)

*Be sure to make the lines for the registration marks thicker as well.

​Character outline!

スクリーンショット 2021-06-06 22.13.54.png

The ​ character must be
please outline

​When consolidating multiple data into one version

スクリーンショット 2020-10-10 18.34.04.png

[For resin plates]
Leave a space of about 5mm
(You can cut it yourself with scissors)

[​Steel base/metal plate]
Leave a space of 10mm or more between them.
(We deliver after cutting with a cutting machine.)

​Metal plates cut lines!

スクリーンショット 2020-10-10 19.13.49.png

​If you wish to have it cut,
An image showing the cutting position
Please attach with
​Cut processing from 100 yen per point

​If you need margins, be sure to add a crop mark

​~If there is no dragonfly~


[Metal plate]
Deliver without margins

アートボード 1_edited.png

[​resin plate]
about 5mm
Delivered with margins

​~If there is a dragonfly~


according to the dragonfly
Cut and deliver

* Area including registration marks
will be charged

*If you would like the product to be delivered with the dragonfly attached, please let us know when submitting your manuscript.


​How to calculate the fee

The price of the plate is determined by the unit price x the area of the plate.

unit price of plate



In the case of a hard resin plate that is the size of a business card…16 (yen) x 100 (㎠) = 1600


​Calculated by area with margins

スクリーンショット 2023-06-18 16.15.50.png

​with 5mm margins on the top, bottom, left and right
calculate by area

​Minimum area is 100㎠

スクリーンショット 2023-06-18 16.28.54.png

​Small size less than 100㎠

​mm Units are rounded

スクリーンショット 2023-06-18 16.36.03.png

​ (10cm x 11cm in this case)

Shipping fee is 370 yen to 1500 yen (depending on size and region)

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When submitting a digital manuscript, a PDF is attached for confirmation, but if it is hand-drawn, is it okay to send the actual manuscript by mail (scan and email)?

A.If hand-drawn, please make a black-and-white copy of the actual item and mail it without creases, or scan and email it.

Q. The minimum area that can be ordered is 100㎠. I usually place the designs I want you to make here without any gaps. It says that there should be a 5mm gap between the designs. For example, if you want 100㎠ to be 10cm x 10cm as if it were a frame, would you also leave a 5mm gap around the frame? Are you okay with it being the last minute?

A.Please leave a 5mm gap not only between the designs, but also on the top, bottom, left and right. If you want the price to be 10 cm x 10 cm, it is an image of putting the design in the 9 x 9 cm.

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