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small letterpress press

For those who have trouble printing with a small letterpress press

Our president (estimated 70 years old) has been using the printer for a month and has succeeded in reproducing fine lines and multicolor printing.

Please refer to it.

​Printing with a resin plate and type

I used a 5mm thick "artist panel" to raise the bottom of the resin plate.

If the thickness is not enough, please adjust it by attaching packing tape etc.

cut out letters

After cutting off the type with scissors, the remaining burrs can be cleaned with nail clippers.

make a letter case

​I made a type case using wood and a non-slip sheet

This way, it won't fall off even if you flip it over. The wooden box used a real Bunsen box

I wonder if I can enjoy the letterpress-like atmosphere of "picking up type" and "composing type"?

​How to apply blotting paper

If the blotting paper is attached neatly, the ink will stick well and you can print cleanly.

 When using kitchen paper, pay attention to the direction of the roll!

If you use it vertically, you can stick it firmly without wrinkles.

​How to spread the ink

​The key is to spread the ink evenly.

​The coffee stirrer is just the right size and is flexible so it won't damage the paper.

Furthermore, if you roll while holding down the roller, it will be kneaded well and it will save time.

Resin plate printing
~Intermediate level~

​Scraping the resin plate with sandpaper mixed with water mixed with a neutral detergent will spread the ink evenly.

 No.800 sandpaper (^o^)

Resin plate printing
​ ~ Advanced ~

If the ink does not spread well, use a soft "shoe insole" for the mat to print firmly.

We recommend simple 100-yen insoles.

Print on postcard size

By removing the paper holder on one side and fixing the paper on the other side, you can print on paper larger than a business card.

After that, if you turn the paper over, change the plate, and devise the printing method, you can do various things.

multicolor printing

I tried using "sandpaper" and "insole", but the success rate was quite low (^◇^;)

fixed type

Putting masking tape around the type and printing it works well

How to use the ink roller

Put a drop of neutral detergent in a one-cup container filled with water, and put the roller inside.
After shaking it well, roll it on a piece of paper ← After repeating this several times, soak it in water for about an hour to clean it.

How to store paper and resin plates
~​For enthusiasts~

When the paper dries, the ink does not stick well, and the resin plate becomes hard.
Store in a container with wet newspaper.

​*You don't actually need to do this*

​Installing the foundation

Woodblocks were used for the base of the printing press

In addition, a non-slip sheet is attached and fixed

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